Help: TwitterClip

(C)2008 Maraigue

What is this service?

TwitterClip generates list of tweets (messages in Twitter) as HTML.
You can excerpt tweets using generated HTML for your website, blog, and so on.


  1. Show a tweet to be excerpted on your browser.
    To show one tweet from timeline, click posted time of the tweet.
    Time of the tweet
  2. Copy the URL of the tweet. URL has the format .
    URL of a tweet
  3. Paste copied URL into TwitterClip. You can clip two or more tweets by pasting each URL in one line.
    Pasting URL into TwitterClip
  4. Press "Clip tweets and create HTML!" button and wait a few seconds. You get clipped tweets' HTML.
    Tweets' HTML


For questions and requests, please call @h_hiro_.

TwitterClip is served with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY.

Because TwitterClip clips tweets using web scraping, this service may be temporarily unavaliable. Maraigue tries to fix the program as soon as possible when Twitter changes format of generated HTML, but can not guarantee that Maraigue always fix program.

From May 9, 2008(JST), TwitterClip reads tweets via Twitter API.


The idea of this program is originally from ShareTwitterOnTumblr.
ShareTwitterOnTumblr is very convenient for Tumblr users, but this script widely limits avaliable situation:

Therefore, I made this service, available whatever browser is used, whatever web site is used, and whichever inputting device you like.