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Twitter (@h_hiro_) - 日常のつぶやき
Last Update: 見てる: Mr.Children Tour 2018-19 重力と呼吸 In TAIPEI [期間限定公開] - YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uBrd8EVZs6U 某氏経由で知ったんだけど、ライブ映像を5月31日まで公開と。どこかで見ようかなあ…
ブログ (Maraigue風。) - まとまった活動記録
Last Update: 2020年に実施できた「縛り旅行」2つ
Qiita - 技術記事(プログラミング、アルゴリズム)
Last Update: [ImageMagick] Exifのうち回転情報だけを削除する
GitHub - 公開しているソースコード
Last Update: maraigue edited a wiki page in himantyu-yuma/ggj-yadokari
slideshare - 勉強会等での発表資料
Last Update: シンデレラガール総選挙の「50位圏内の難しさ」はいかほどか?(23:20更新)

Recently updated products

LTOList C++

List structure on which a retrieval

Last update: 2019-12-19

twbot2.rb RubyTwitter

Supports creating Twitter bots in Ruby

Version: v0.23 Last update: 2018-07-29

Chinese Postman Problem Solver C++Web BrowserMath

Program solving the “Chinese postman problem” (finding the smallest distance to traverse all edges in a graph (network) and back to the start) [in Japanese]

Last update: 2014-08-11

multiset library for Ruby Ruby

Ruby implementation of multiset

Version: v0.5.1 Last update: 2014-08-10

Sum-Product Battle Web BrowserMath

Answer two integers like "2 and 3" from a problem like "SUM: 5 PRODUCT: 6"

Last update: 2014-04-19

Thumbnail - Sum-Product Battle

rglpk_shiritori RubyWeb BrowserMath

Program finding the largest number of words for “shiritori” with a given set of words

Last update: 2014-02-08

fundoshi.hpp C++

Library for multiple string instances with shared memory

Last update: 2013-12-13

devnull.rb Ruby

Ruby implementation of null file (like /dev/null on Un*x, NUL on Windows) whose APIs are similar to that of IO object in Ruby

Version: v0.1.1 Last update: 2013-06-27

Circumcenter/Centroid/Incircle/Orthocenter calculator for triangles Web BrowserMath

Calculating the points above from coordinates of vertices of a triangle (with Ruby source code)

Last update: 2012-05-19

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